This year we are again asking for proposals for general art, Effigy and Temple. Each category will be judged separately and funded individually. The application process uses 3 different forms, so please double check your submission.

General Grants- Deadline March 15th 8pm EST. 

Apply Here

Scorched Nuts Art Grants are intended to encourage people to produce art projects for the Burn. For general art grant purposes, this year we are going to continue last year’s policy and define art as a freestanding, interactive art installation which can be burned or not burned.This is the signature Burning Man artwork, and we want to encourage more of you to construct and bring one. If you are uncertain whether your project would qualify, please email artgrants@scorchednuts.com and we’ll discuss it.

Since we are still growing, the funds for grants will be limited. All funds for Art Grants are collected through ticket sales, donations and fundraisers. Please consider making a donation to help our artistic community!

Based on our current financial projections, it appears that we will have about $3000 available and a grant might typically be around $200, so grants will not cover the entire budget for a lot of projects. The amount of each individual grant may depend on how many qualifying projects apply.

Effigy Grant- Deadline March 1 8pm EST

Apply Here

The budget is $1000 for materials plus $250 for transport if needed. We are willing to support a kickstarter or other funding options. Please plan to have your own build team, tools and transportation in your proposal.

Temple Grant- Deadline March 1 8pm EST

Apply Here

The temple should be a place of meditation and we are seeking proposals that appeals to the spiritual side of burning. The budget for this project is $700 plus $250 for transport. We are willing to support a kickstarter or other funding option.


We want to keep the application process as simple as possible. Hopefully the process outlined below will provide enough information to allow us to evaluate applications fairly, without making the application process so difficult that it discourages people. We anticipate that we will contact applicants during the judging process if we need further information.

Applications should be submitted by email to artgrants@scorchednuts.com and must use the appropriate form.

Effigy and Temple awards will be announced on March 7th.  General Grant awards will be announced by April 1st.

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