Team Leads (Application Deadline 11/24/17)

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Art (Team of 3-4)

  • Create, promote and manage initial calls outs and submissions for Effigy, Temple and General Art Grants.
  • Manage a team of people to plan and execute the Art Grant Fundraiser including PR needs
  • Work with the event leads to select the Temple and Effigy design
  • Act as a point of contact for all art-related questions both funded and non-funded.
  • Work with artists and Placement for maximum effect.

Conclave(Team of 1-2)

  • Conduct a daily meeting explaining spinning safety and policies and issue wristbands upon completion
  • Work with the fire safety and effigy teams to lead the Conclave Saturday evening.
  • Be a resource for those not in the know on all teams regarding spinner safety.

DMV (Team of 1-2)

  • Manage the pre-event registration and communication
  • Certify Vehicles onsite

Event Lead Shadow

  • Interested in life behind the curtain? Want to play a much larger role in managing the burn but want to try it out first? This position will spend the first year as a shadow/helper and the second year in a larger role.

 Gate (Team of 2-4)

  • This team is responsible for verifying tickets, checking ID, and completing waivers as well as directing participants both old and new into the venue in a safe fashion.
  • Due to an increase in participants, this team will run 24/7 from Gate open till Saturday at 4pm. 2 Leads and several shift leads will be needed to make this happen. Gate can become a destination for both those entering the event and those already in the event. Think outside the box!

Greeters (Team of 2-4)

  • This team works to welcome people home. They provide specific directions, share the joy of the 10 Principles and make sure the virgins start off on the right foot.

Lamp Lighters (Team of 1-2)

  • Assess the inventory and create a budget for repair and purchases.
  • Clean and restore any existing lanterns and verify they are all in working order.
  • Place lanterns by start of the event
  • Make sure all lanterns are working each night and conduct repair/refueling as needed.
  • Collect all lanterns and hooks for pack out Monday.

Leave No Trace (Team of 1-2)

  • Work with participants during the event to reduce the overall Moop
  • Work with the artist on any burnable pieces to clean up any metal or other debris.
  • This position should be the last person off site on Tuesday Morning to verify there is no trace left.

Lot of Lines-LOL (Team of 2)

  • Be the keeper of the Lines in the parking area. Set up on Wednesday morning and assist with shifts Thursday to help reduce the abstract art in the parking area.

Placement (Team of 1-2)

  • Be the main contact for Theme Camps via email and form response.
  • Work with the Event leads to identify optimal placement for camps and art pieces based on size, sound and other needs.
  • Be on-site Tuesday to lay out placement and be available via radio until Friday for placement questions and issue.

Rangers (Team of 2-4)

  • Rangers assist with conflict resolution through non-confrontational mediation, not through authority. They also play an integral part in response to any medical, fire or LEO emergencies.
  • The team has sober volunteers who continually walk the event in pairs, keeping an eye out and communicating any serious emergencies.
  • This position will manage the teams focusing on: Providing information and serve as a community communications conduit. Prevent vehicles from endangering pedestrians, bicyclists and campsites. Maintain safety perimeters and scene control as needed. Address and report any instances of non-consensual acts.

Scorched Public Works (Team of 2-4)

  • SPW is responsible for building or organizing the building of all structures including Gate and setting up other infrastructure items on­site, as well as assisting as needed with Effigy and Temple build.
  • Public works is also responsible for the receipt, distribution and clean up of the firewood delivery as well as restocking TP in the portos as needed.
  • At the end of the event, this team is responsible for assisting in the tear down of any infrastructure.
  • This would be a great position for two or three people to split as pre-event(Tues-Thurs), event(Thurs-Mon) and post event(Mon-Tues).


Volunteer (Schedule and Registrations open 2/1/18)

Volunteers are the heart of any burn! They help with everything from Safety to Mediation. They check us in at the gate and help us find our way back to our tents at night. We are looking for Very Involved Participants to help this year!

Gate– Enjoy 2 hour  processing and directing your fellow burners. Get bribed, give hugs and share the swag!
Greeters- Help welcome, educate and directed all the incoming participants!!
Rangers– Roam about the burn building social capitol, mediating misunderstandings and keeping an eye out for folks who could use some education. We request all rangers be available for perimeter for any burns.
Leave No Trace-Help us continue to try and leave the land better than we found it!! Shifts will focus on burn scar clean up and MOOP patrols  
Questions? Contact us at

Theme Camps Registration (Deadline of May 1, 2018)

Have a great camp you would like to bring to Scorched Nuts? We would love to hear from you before the event to help with placement. Who wants to be the little camp with a mellow vibe sitting next to dub step all night? Any questions or comments? Contact us at

What When Where Guide (Deadline of May 15, 2018)

It’s all about getting the word out!! If you or your camp is hosing an event, let everyone know!!

Questions? Contact us at


Art Cars (Deadline of May 1, 2018)

Scorched Nuts has a brand new comprehensive system of rules and regulations to insure that art cars may safely and responsibly drive around on site, visit other camps, take people for rides, and also preserve the grounds with no environmental impact.

Sound regulation is also important as to not disturb quiet sections and respect all patrons. The vehicle driver and DJ are both responsible for the use of vehicle sound systems.

The Scorched Nuts DMV and (or) board will review any art car applications.

The DMV will inspect any approved art cars on site to insure safety and compliance.

Any vehicles that are larger than a pickup truck, aka, school buses and the like, must remain parked during the event.


Driving Protocol:

These regulations insure that art cars at the burn are safe for people, the preservation of the land, theme camps, and the art itself.

Art Cars / mutant vehicles must have:

– a clear field of vision for the operator

– ground guides (walkers) if the vehicle is oversize or can be dangerous to pedestrians.

– a safe access area and procedures for loading and unloading passengers. Art cars must also clearly display the Mutant Vehicle Driver’s license in a location specified by the DMV (dash).

– Stop immediately upon being hailed by any Scorched Nuts Staff member, Scorched Nuts  Ranger, or law enforcement officer.

– Drive at a speed of 5 mph or less (less in hazardous situations such as tight crowds)

– Give the right of way to pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency services vehicles

– Follow the reasonable and applicable vehicle laws for road safety

– Cars must remain parked during questionable weather.

– No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

– No driving on wet or muddy conditions.

– Any additional guidelines set forth by the event coordinators…

Art Car Sound Policies:

Bigger sound is not necessarily better here at scorched nuts. A well-engineered and well-tuned sound system used strategically can create a high quality experience for those nearby without blasting out hundreds of others further down playa.

Mutant vehicle sound systems can be classified into three levels:

Level 1: Normal car stereo / average living room (under 90dB at 50 ft) Vehicles with Level 1 systems may play anywhere on the property, but must be mindful of your volume and surroundings, especially in quiet areas in the burn or later at night.

*Level 2: Dance Club/Floor or Theatre (90dB and up at under 300ft) Vehicles with Level 2 systems may only play at high volume on the open playa and must be mindful of where you are playing — e.g. around art pieces, burns, etc. — and turn it down when appropriate. Most importantly, level 2 sound systems must drop down to Level 1 sound between the hours of 2AM and 10AM to respect fellow sleepy burners.

(Sound turn down to level 1 between 2AM and 10AM)

*Level 3: Large Dance Club, Arena, Stadium (100dB or more at 300ft or more) Level 3 sound systems are prohibited at Scorched Nuts due to the size of venue. Vehicles with Level 3 capabilities must roll sound back to Level 2 at all times. (Do you really need a sound system big enough to reach miles across a small venue and with a crowd in front of your vehicle which only goes out a few hundred feet?)

A friendly reminder that sound regulation for mutant vehicles is important as to not disturb quiet sections and respect all patrons.


Questions? Contact us at

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