Volunteers are the heart of any burn! They help with everything from Safety to Mediation. They check us in at the gate and help us find our way back to our tents at night. We are looking for Very Involved Participants to help this year!

Gate– Enjoy 2 hour  processing and directing your fellow burners. Get bribed, give hugs and share the swag!
Greeters- Help welcome, educate and directed all the incoming participants!!
Rangers– Roam about the burn building social capitol, mediating misunderstandings and keeping an eye out for folks who could use some education. We request all rangers be available for perimeter for any burns.
Leave No Trace-Help us continue to try and leave the land better than we found it!! Shifts will focus on burn scar clean up and MOOP patrols  
Questions? Contact us at participate@scorchednuts.com

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