Scorched Nuts 2020 is a gathering of a collaborative, creative community, largely based out of the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Held annually at Reclaim, a former strip-mine in Rutland Ohio, it is built and run by its participants and volunteers.

The event embraces the 10 Principles of Burning Man and will be an interactive experience that is both everything and nothing you will expect.

This is an all ages event. No one will be allowed in without a valid ID.  Online ticket sales end May 10th, 2020. Please remember your ticket is revocable for violations set forth in this Survival Guide or of the 10 principles.

10 Principles

Radical Inclusion


Civic Responsibility


Radical Self-Expression



Radical Self-reliance

Communal Effort

Leaving No Trace

These 10 Principles represent the touchstone values that have evolved with and shaped our community over the past several decades, connecting us to a global network of burner events and communities, each with their own regional flavor. Read through them here, and keep them in mind when planning your journey and while on site. You may even find parts to take home to your daily life, after the burn has ended.

Let the Journey Begin


The gate will be open:

10am Thursday, May 21st, 2020 through Saturday May 23rd 4pm. There will be no entry after 4pm Saturday.

The driveway into the land is one-way so once you come in you cannot leave until Sunday or Monday unless special arrangements are made with the Gatekeepers. Come prepared to stay, bring everything you need. In and out passes will be handled on a per case basis and may be charged an additional $20. Ice Runs will be made daily so check in with Gate for more info.

If you are part of a theme camp or are bringing an art installation we welcome you to come early on Wednesday afternoon to set up. We would love to see the camps and installations active for as much of our time as possible. Please make arrangements with Placement.

You will be given a wristband identifying under/over 18 and marked with your ticket number at the gate. This band must be on your person at all times. If you lose your band, return immediately to the gate to receive a new one. Anyone without a band will be escorted from the event.

All tickets are sent to your email. We will be scanning bar codes this year so please make sure you have a printed copy. The scanner does not like to read bar codes from screens, so having a physical ticket will keep the line moving.



We prefer that you carpool as much as possible. There a very long driveway, so expect a delay when entering Reclaim. Weather permitting we will allow you drive into your site and unload before returning to the parking lot. This land is in a healing process and it is our responsibility to avoid doing any damage by driving on it too much. If the ground is wet, we will insist on a carry in policy and should have a shuttle to help.

The main parking will be off the side of the drive near the gate. You will have access to your vehicle during the event, but please lock your car. Scorched Nuts is not responsible for any damage or theft that occurs.


You Have Arrived!

The Venue

Reclaim is a former strip mine that has been “reclaimed” to be a breathtaking clearing of land.  Although the main clearings are very open and flat, Reclaim is actually the top of a large hill. If you take a few steps into the woods you will see steep slopes and sudden drop offs. Please be very aware of your surroundings during the day and night, and stick to the clearings. You are expected to respect the grounds at all times. Do not wander off the mowed area. Hiking in the woods is not allowed. Please observe all signage and do not Tresspass onto the neighbors’ land.



Safety starts with you! Please be aware of your surrounding and body. While Scorched Nuts is built on community and cooperation, that doesn’t mean citizens are protected from the actions of those with bad intentions. Maintain awareness of your personal safety at the event. Secure your valuables when away from camp. Introduce yourself to neighbors and your local Rangers. Work together to keep our city secure.

Make new friends, but be alert to the actions of those you meet. Be cautious about accepting drinks in open containers from strangers. Most importantly, use and trust your best instincts. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for yourself at all times, in every regard, as you approach, once you enter, and as you leave Scorched Nuts.

Cuts, nicks and dings are to be expected. Please plan ahead and bring a first aid kit with you that includes band aids, salves and other common items. If your needs exceed your personal kit, Medical is well marked in the main field.

As with other burner related events, there will be fire. People will spin fire, breath fire and even dance around the fire. If you plan on performing with fire, you must attend one of the daily safety meetings.

We will have an EMT staffed First aid station in the main field. These medics are our first responders and will attempt to handle the minor incidents on site. If you have an emergency, find a Ranger and/or get to the station immediately.


Important Camping Information

Camping at Reclaim may remind veteran Burners of the playa. It will be sunny, hot and windy. There are plenty of trees around the clearings, but they may not offer much shade during the day, so bring something to make shade such as a tent, tarps, rope, stakes, umbrellas, and poles. Come prepared for the sun with enough sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, water, etc. Bring shade structures, and be careful about securing them correctly. Hammocks are not recommended.

Be prepared for rain!!! Hopefully the most we will get is brief rain shower! Bring a tarp or three, duck in your tent, bring rain protection, get wet, do whatever you want just remember to think about how you are going to deal with any potential rain BEFORE you go. Bottom line: prepare for rain, better safe than sorry, it as easy as a tarp or two, some rope, and some ingenuity.

Bring insect repellent. There are a variety of spiders in the area so please plan to keep your tent sealed up and shake out any bedding. Raccoons and other critters will stay away during the noisy hours, but please be mindful of where you leave trash and waste water as they will invade if they get a chance!

Bring Ice and Water. There will be daily ice sales from 11-2pm at $5 for a 20lb bag, but water is not available on site. Please plan ahead and bring enough water to drink, shower and clean up around camp. A good rule of thumb is 2 gallons per person per day.

Bring tables and chairs. There are no picnic tables or benches on the property

Bring at least two sources of light, there is no light at the site and having a light source is more than a convenience. Please avoid using disposable, wasteful glow sticks. Reusable products are the best!

It is very dark at Reclaim. We will have some limited lanterns to help mark important spots. You can help by purchasing or creating several lanterns to hang on the road or path outside your camp.  Tiki torches are allowed but MUST be well monitored and extinguished when the camp is empty.

This is primitive camping at its best. Be prepared to meet the challenges of surviving without power or facilities. Enjoy the simplicity of going without, or find creative ways to meet your needs. Research the Leave No Trace land ethic, or go to the Burning Man website for more tips and advice on how to make your experience pleasant and eco-friendly.


Leave No Trace

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event, come prepared to not leave anything behind. We do not have dumpster access so you must plan on removing all of your own garbage and recyclables. Bring gloves and sturdy garbage bags to take away your own trash any any MOOP you may find as you roam.  Please try NOT to bring any glass bottles, they make a mess when broken and are harder to carry away than crushed cans. It is up to all of us to leave the site better than we found it. Let’s make sure everyone understands our commitment to protecting the land by LEAVING NO TRACE.

It’s worth noting here that at Scorched Nuts, because the land is in a state of renewal and regeneration, we ask that you take a few considerations regarding dumping your gray water.

– Small amounts of water from hand washing or showers using biodegradable soap are okay.

– Any water from dishwashing or food preparation should be filtered. Bits of any kind of food matter should be filtered out, at the very least through an old towel into a bucket before dumping.

– Please use only biodegradable, eco-friendly soap in all cases.

– Most returning participants can attest to how sensitive the ground is to water. If you’re a larger camp generating a fair bit of gray water for whatever reason, consider making plans to reclaim it and pack it out with you.

– As always, rogue peeing or other dumping of personal black water outside of the portos is not permitted.

– Finally, it should go without saying, but do not dump ANY gray water into the portos. Don’t don’t don’t don’t. Just do not do it.

For more info on Leave No Trace, please visit:


Setting Up Camp!

Tent Camping

Definitely plan on laying down tarps under your tent to help reduce mud and protect the ground. Due to wind and rain potential, please make sure your tent is securely staked. If you are not camping with a registered theme camp you will be directed to the walk in camping areas.


RV/Car/Trailer Camping

The space for parking may be limited depending on weather. Please register your RV/Car/Trailer so we can plan enough space in case of rain. There is no electricity or dumping on the site, so make arrangements before heading out.


Theme Camps

Theme camps are an integral part of the Burn experience. Registered Theme Camps will have a reserved space for them based on their needs and requests. If you have registered before the event, check with the Theme Camp Coordinator to help you locate your site.  There will  a map available online before the event to help with planning.



Please be respectful to your fellow Participants and do your part to keep the Portos clean and in working order. If you notice a problem with the potties  or a Participant abusing them, please report it to a Ranger or anyone with a radio. Please work with your neighbors to maintain a clear path for the pumper trucks.

Remember, “If it doesn’t come from your body it doesn’t belong in the potty!!!



DO NOT CREATE ANY UNAUTHORIZED FIREPITS. Use of an unauthorized firepit is be grounds for ejection from the event.  The owners of the land are gracious enough to allow us to burn here, but they do not want to see burn scars left on the land. There are several community pits across the property that will have a public fire each night.

There are some general rules we ask you to follow:

  1. Leave no fire untended. If we find an untended fire, we will extinguish it. Leaving an untended fire is grounds for removal from the event. This includes candles inside tents and tiki torches.
  2. Build fires only in established fire circles. Personal fires are prohibited unless with a registered theme camp.
  3. DO NOT cut any limbs or pull deadfall from the woods and surrounding areas. Firewood is available by the stage.





The key ingredient to making Scorched Nuts a successful event is for everyone to PARTICIPATE! Every person who joins us for the event is expected to find someway to give of themselves with the goal of making a better community for everyone. Each individual pays their way here, there is no compensation for performance, volunteer work or artwork. Everyone is here as an equal, and as such we all have part to play.

There are many ways, great and small, to Participate.

You can volunteer with one of our volunteer teams, from Rangers to Earth Guardians, and give a few hours of your time to making our infrastructure run smoothly. For more information, and to sign up for shifts, visit our Volunteer page.

You can register as a theme camp and offer some sort of interactive experience. You could make a special food or beverage to share with the other Participants. You can dance, sing or hand out gifts to show your joy with being part of the community. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

However, there are several ways you are expected to Participate at the event. Come prepared to be Self-Reliant. Do not expect anyone to share their supplies or take care of you. Things may happen, but you must be prepared to care for yourself. Every participant is expected to Leave No Trace! This means that there should be no evidence of your having camped at Reclaim. Our goal is to leave the grounds in better shape than when we arrived. Everyone is expected to Pack in their supplies and Pack out their trash! Finally, everyone is expected to respect their fellow Participants. Your neighbor’s way of expressing themselves may not be your preference, but please work together to resolve conflicts.

If we are successful, then Scorched Nuts will become more than a 5 day camping event, it will become a temporary city filled with community. Please look through this site and find the best way for you to Participate during the event. If you have any questions please contact



A Burn is a self expression gathering, one most beautiful way its Participants express themselves is through art. All forms of artwork are encouraged, although the more weather resistant your piece is the better it will wear the event. The key word we are interested in is interactive: make the Participants part of the work somehow, physically or emotionally.

If you are interested in receiving funding for your project, you can apply for an art grant!



The burning of the effigy is the climax of any burn. It occurs Saturday night sometime after dark.

The effigy will be out for public viewing and interaction throughout the weekend. Feel free to take pictures, touch it and even add small personal bits to be burned in the fire. Please do limit the amount of synthetic materials.

Also, please don’t poke, prod, lift, push or otherwise molest the effigy. It is a complex work of art lovingly created by the effigy team over weeks and weeks for the community to enjoy. Please respect it as such.

Most importantly, the effigy is constructed of flammable materials. Keep fire AWAY from the effigy.


Art Cars, Mutant Vehicles and Bikes

Weather permitting, preregistered art cars and mutant vehicles may be permitting to drive the grounds. Learn more and register your vehicle here.

If the grounds are wet, we will ask for you to park the vehicle in a public space to share your creation with our Participants. Bikes are welcome, and work well.  Get crafty and make your bike something special to share! Please be mindful of theft, and lock you bike if you are leaving it alone.


Video and Photography

Video and pictures may be taken for personal use only. Commercial use is not permitted. Please gain permission before recording or taking images of someone or their art.



Our intention  is to have music, events, activities, and art all day and all night for 5 days. Due to some noise complaints from the surrounding neighbors, we ask that camps monitor their volumes, work with surrounding neighbor camps and turn it down to a dull roar at 2am.


The Laws of the City

Illegal Activity Prohibited

Scorched Nuts, as an organization, respects local, state and federal laws. Underage drinking is strictly forbidden. Underage participants can be identified by a uniquely colored wristband. The organization does not condone the sale, use, or promotion of illegal drugs. Scorched Nuts will be so much more enjoyable if you are in control, be yourself and be responsible and you will find that you will have the best experience. The same laws that apply on Main Street, USA also apply to public areas of our events. The same laws that apply at your house behind a closed door also apply to your zipped up tent. Everybody bears responsibility for their actions and the expectation is that we will all work together to ensure group safety.

Participants found contributing to minors, problem drug users and dealers that are brought to our attention will be escorted out of the event.



Scorched Nuts can be an erotically charged environment. We want to help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring that sex-positive free expression thrives! It is imperative to know and express your own sexual boundaries and to ask about and respect your partners’ boundaries. As the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) reminds us: Silence is not consent. Communication is the best lubricant!

Nudity is a personal choice and will be respected at the event, however, sex acts are prohibited in the civic space of Scorched Nuts and in unrestricted public environments



Per the request of the land owner, Pets are not allowed at Scorched Nuts. All service animals should be preregistered and tagged. Please contact for more info.


Fireworks / Unlicensed Propane Art Prohibited

Use of fireworks, explosives and unlicensed pressurized propane art are prohibited.  To register your propane art, click here.


Firearms Prohibited

Firearms are explicitly BANNED, no guns are allowed inside the event site. Those discovered with firearms at the event will be told to take them off the event site permanently or they will be escorted out of the event. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban from future Ohio Burner events.


Ranger Involvement

Rangers are participants in the role of non-confrontational mediators, and work throughout the grounds and its perimeters to ensure the collective survival of the community. Rangers are the mediators of public safety and providers of information. By encouraging and facilitating communication, the Rangers promote awareness of potential hazards. They address situations within our community that would otherwise require outside intervention. There are a few safety hazards for which outside intervention may become necessary, such as burning art that is not your own or physical violence against others, to name a couple. Rangers are emphatically not the police or a paramilitary organization.

Violation of these rules, or violent or anti-social behavior, can result in revocation of your ticket and ejection from the event without refund.